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Jenna (Cape Town, South Africa) -- Loves “swiss army knife”. Extra curricula -- wants to use iPads and Google tools (Slides). Used to create ebooks for kindergarten aged students to read. Number books, counting books. As part of art studies, students painted with watercolors, took pictures. Used the crop tool within Slides to crop the images to different shapes. Use the shapes to compile a new image (a robot). Group all shapes together. Different versions of the robot that can be counted. Collab: all can work on the project together.

Here’s a note from Jenna: “Unfortunately, my students are still busy with the ones where they have painted their own backgrounds so I don't have a finished product yet. I've attached the one that we used to practice the skill. We did it so that they'd know what to expect when they started painting. For this one, my students used images from Google and turned the slide deck into an eBook for some of the younger students in the school. Each student worked on a different slide so that each slide had a unique robot which we duplicated for the number on the page.”

Link to her example slide deck: click here!

Caroline Goodman (Memphis, Tennessee) -- 2 Gmail accounts: a .org for faculty and staff, .net domain for students. Teachers frequently create docs, sheets, slides, forms in either one or both accounts. Often, files get lost between the two. Sometimes teachers aren’t sure if the doc was created with .org or .net account. How can we search between both Google Drive accounts? Extension or app? Type in a search and it’ll search both of them?

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