Using Goals and Self-Care to Improve Coaching

Tammy Breitweiser is currently a Curriculum Coach in Northwest Indiana where she is dedicated to student achievement in 7th and 8th grade. With over 23 years of education experience, she is a reading advocate who has a passion for writing as well. During the span of her career, she has worked with pre-K through adult learners.  Tammy has presented at the Indiana Computer Educators conference, the Indiana State Reading Association, and the International Reading Association.

After earning her Masters Degree in Teacher Leadership, a new opportunity presented itself and she became trained as a TAP Master teacher. In this position, she was honored to be able to have extensive training in coaching, Teach Like a Champion, professional development, and action research. Tammy Breitweiser now uses all that training in her current position in Michigan City Area Schools.

  Tammy Breitweiser Show Highlights:
  • Tammy’s practice of using a bullet journal
  • The three questions Tammy asks that she learned from the School Leadership Series
  • How Tammy used goals and self-care with the educators she coaches
  • The teachers' response to Tammy focusing on their health
  • How reflection helped Tammy solve a communication problem
  • What Tammy is excited about for this year
  • How block scheduling improved literacy campus-wide
  • The support and training offered by transitioning to a block schedule
  • A cool activity you should try with your staff, “The advocate activity.”
  • The power of “Magic Tupperware.”


Tammy Breitweiser Resources:

“Don’t ask kids to do anything you’re not willing to do yourself.”

-Tammy Breitweiser

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