The Next Wave of Preparing Kids for the Future with Jeremy Williams Transformative Principal 266


Jeremy Williams is the principal of Manor Hall International School in United Arab Emirates

  • 600 students from 46 countries
  • Bitcoin and blockchain
  • Bitcoin made it speculation.
  • At its core, it is a ledger. A record of transactions and accounts.
  • Eliminate Higher ed from being the sole guarantor of credentials.
  • Blockchain seeks to destroy intermediaries.
  • Blockchain verifies information and can’t be hacked.
  • Blockchain authenticated vs university degree.
  • What it would look like in the K-12 system.
  • If we had the ability for authentic assessments that were performance oriented and we attached blockchain credential instead of a grade. It’s not just about getting the A.
  • How to know it is good enough.
  • You can store as much as you want on the transaction.
  • Tasks have to be structured in a way that are binary.
  • Publicly declare purpose and passion.
  • Tie to the credential where people could see the work.
  • Assess where the viability would be for you.
  • For the teacher who wants kids to be motivated intrinsically.
  • You have to have a low barrier to entry.
  • Upskilling people who are already working.
  • Blockchain is not bitcoin.
  • Technology is going to impact the future of jobs.
  • Discerning passion and purpose vs. understanding what jobs are possible with that.
  • Parents exposed her to a lot of things when she was younger.
  • It’s our opportunity to expose kids to things to see what they like.
  • Genius hour model.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Spend time with yourself and figure out what it is that you love about the work you do. Help 1 kid learn about what they love.

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