Love, Actually? - PC019

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. So break out your favorite rom-com and box of chocolates!

For the Love of Teaching

Let’s talk Teacher Ed programs...what was your experience...what is good; what could be improved? How do districts support new teachers? TV/TIP

Donnie - KTIP

Jesse - City College. Talk about Pace U

Jeff - National University, Teen Quest, SDSU, CSUSM

Love, Movie Style

What is your favorite romantic comedy? Who was your first celebrity or real-world crush?

Donnie - Melody from “Hey, Dude!” - Laura Dern playing Dr. Ellie Satler

Jeff - Natalie Portman, Rom com - Crazy, Stupid, Love

Jesse - Jennifer Connelly. Fav Rom Com - Notting Hill

The Language of Love?

Valentine’s in School

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