Going Beyond Black History Month - PC021

Ken Shelton returns as we discuss multicultural education and specifically, what’s right and wrong with Black History Month. We will discuss movies on the topic of equity/multiculturalism we recommend for you!

Extra Credit: Ken Shelton



  • Bill Pickett and Bass Reeves
  • Bessie Stringfield
  • Mary Church Terrell
  • Black Wall Street
  • Read thoroughly Letter From A Birmingham Jail

Donnie: Multicultural Education at the Elementary Level “Soundtrack for a Revolution”


Jesse: Experiences/Thoughts - Book: Random Family

Best/Favorite Movie(s) About Civil Rights/Race/Multiculturalism

Jesse: Boyz N The Hood, Straight Outta Compton, Hoop Dreams,

Jeff: Do the Right Thing (problem of equating white issues to non-white), Real Women Have Curves,

Docu: 13th, Eyes on the Prize

Donnie: We Shall Remain :


Ken: Malcolm X, Docu 13th, Docu I am not your negro, What Happened Miss Simone, Selma, Mention The Six Day Race

Issues of the White Savior - KenCommon Sense Media: Black History Movies that Tackle Racism (middle school and older)

Something Useless Donnie Found on the Internet


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