Reflections on Teaching and School Administration with Michael Chanin - 230


Michael Chanin was a special education teacher in middle and high school settings and then became a high school administrator where he wore many hats. Michael's initial background was in Abnormal child psychopathology. He worked as a therapist at Counseling Services of Miami under the supervision of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Abraham Landau. (the Early 70's)

He eventually taught children with learning disabilities at Coral Springs High School and was an adjunct professor in the Special education graduate department of Nova University before moving to Marietta, GA. He often presented on the developmental side of children with learning disabilities.

Michael taught middle school in Cobb County, Georgia for 13 and a half years and then the high school for 3 years before becoming an administrator for 12 years. He has an awesome sense of humor and a passion for movies and comedy teams of old.

Today we are reflecting on his experiences in the classroom and as an administrator.

Lots to think about and learn.

Thanks for listening!


Length - 1:01:19

from Teaching Learning Leading K-12

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