New Year, New You - PC016

Resolutions, Donnie Goes to Antarctica, and We Share Our Favorite Moments from 2018.


You Say You Want a Resolution… Well, Ya Know

  • Jeff - Take admin test, read a book a month, exercise, an adventure a month, #konmari
  • Donnie - Eat an egg a day - create more - on task - sleep more
  • Jesse - Yes to #konmari especially on my t-shirt drawer. I’ve been meditating since the year started using the SimpleHabit app, got down to Inbox Zero for the first time in years (using Tasks)

Lessons from Antarctica with Donnie

Donnie spent time during December 2018 in Antarctica! He recaps his adventure which was made possible through National Geographic!

Favorite Segment/Episode From this Past Year? Why?

  • Jeff - Zoe/Rachel (episode 11), HSR No Evil
  • Donnie - Red Sox / Yankees Emergency Pod
  • Jesse - Ken - Cultural Appropriation (episode 8)

Donnie Shares Something Useless He Found Online


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