Equity Issues in Reimagining Education with Kelly Young Transformative Principal 263


Kelly Young is the Executive Director at Education Reimagined, where they seek to help educators create a learner-centered learning environment.

  • What happens when kids don’t learn the same thing!?
  • It is a myth that just because things are being taught that all students are all learning the same thing.
  • Kids are not learning the same things now even though we may be teaching the same thing now.
  • What are the competencies that kids need to have?
  • Once kids get over the fear, they realize they have a lot to say.
  • All of your learning is not going to be in K12
  • Inspire life-long learning
  • Equity issues
  • Examining what bias we might be bringing.
  • This process of education is incredibly liberating for educators.
  • How to be a transformative principal? 2 things: 1. Listening and being a team with the educators 2. Actually asking 5 young people and five teachers what it is like for them in the school.
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