10 Ways #EdTech Coaches Can Make An Impact - HoET125

Are you an edtech coach that's wondered if you're reaching enough teachers and students? Communicating enough with admin? Sometimes these questions are self-imposed, but sometimes the questions come from other people.

You might also wonder if you are having an impact ... even when you are NOT with that teacher you coached? I'm going to share some tips and advice to reaffirm your place as an edtech coach.

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  • (1:42) Intro
  • (5:21) Featured Content - Make An Impact
  • (13:51) House of #EdTech Thought - One Ideal 2019
  • (17:08) House of #EdTech Recommendation - StrawPoll.me
  • (18:14) House of #EdTech VIP - Kammas Kersch

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