New Year's Resolutions - 226

New Year's resolutions are difficult to keep. Actually, I think that is an understatement. For many, they are almost impossible to keep. But that shouldn't stop you from making them, it just means that you need to understand why they often fail and what steps you can take to do better at successfully attaining them. Did you know that one key factor in keeping resolutions is that you have to find some enjoyment in pursuing them?

As a classroom teacher or building administrator, we should have promises that we make ourselves. We should know what we need to do more of, be better at, or just try to do more of...right? Keep in mind that you want to identify something that you would find some enjoyment in learning or getting better at doing.

Here are three questions that you could ask yourself to help get you going in the right direction: (Be honest with yourself and it would be helpful to get yourself a journal and write these down and reflect on your answers.)

1. I want to learn more about ______________________.

2. I want to do better at __________________________.

3. I struggled this year with _______________________.

After answering these questions you can then create realistic goals that will help you be more successful in what you do every day to help kids achieve their dreams.

Here are some thoughts about what you might write in the blanks above:

1. Engagement

2. Contact with parents

3. Using formative assessment

4. Understanding more about and using differentiation successfully

5. Vocabulary acquisition

6. Put more stuff away

7. Classroom management

8. Seek out unique hooks for class instruction

9. Reach out to be involved in school or district committees

10. Take steps to connect with more of your students

11. Ask better questions

12. Identify which students may get overlooked because they are quiet and not easily involved in class 

I'll bet you could double the number on this list. But don't get overwhelmed, just identify what you want to accomplish (remember to find that thing that you would enjoy doing or learning about), don't name too many, and set a reasonable/attainable goal. Give yourself a deadline to start and a deadline to check your progress. Next thing you know you will be successful in accomplishing your New Year's Resolution!

Happy 2019!

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