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20 Low-tech Gifts for the Classroom Teacher on Your List.

Do you remember as a kid making a list for Santa? Did you ever sit with the Sears Wishbook or the JC Penney's Christmas catalog and circle, rip-out pages or fold the pages so that you could mark just exactly what you wanted? Ok, for those of you who missed that era Toys-R-Us, Wal-Mart, and Target have created their shopping guides. (Just not really the same thing...) Do you have a teacher to buy for? Here are my 20 suggestions for gifts for the classroom teacher in your family or who just so happens to be on your list:

1. Chart Paper

2. Mini-whiteboards

3. Dry erase markers

4. Colored folders

5. Pencils (Box of 500)

6. Painter's Tape

7. Baskets

8. Reading books - age appropriate

9. Bean bag chairs

10. Pencil boxes

11. Collapsable/ foldable tables

12. Folding chairs

13. Craft supplies

14. Rulers, measuring tapes

15. Scissors

16. Pencil sharpener

17. Clocks

18. File cabinet 

19. Clothes tree/Coat tree

20. Dorm rug; Colorful carpet

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Have fun!

Enjoy the holidays!

Length - 27:33

from Teaching Learning Leading K-12 https://TeachingLearningLeadingK12.podbean.com/e/20-low-tech-gifts-for-that-classroom-teacher-on-your-list-225/

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