175: Bonus Edition- Interview with Amber Harper

Amber Harper is a Google Certified Educator, Trainer, and Innovator, as well as a Seesaw Ambassador. She is also the founder of www.burnedinteacher.com and creator of Burned-In EdTech Consulting and Teacher Coaching where she has joint her two loves in her career: her love of edtech and innovation in the classroom with her obsession for helping educators who are struggling to find their own passions within the education profession. As a former public elementary school teacher, she promotes the use of technology as a tool for transformation in the classroom, and is obsessed with helping teachers take themselves from burned-out to BURNED-IN! She specializes in technology integration in the classroom and in supporting educators who are struggling to decide what their next best step in on their education journey. Quotables The worst anyone can say is "No" All it takes is one small step Teachers are well intentioned about what they do The best teachers I have met ... have to be willing to build relationships, get vulnerable and continue to learn and do better Teachers are the best thieves There is no better time than now. If something needs to be changed, there is no sense in holding off It's unfair to assume that all stories of burnout are the same The best thing you can do as an educator is step away from your job as an educator...have a life outside of teaching I wouldn't take anything back about my journey, because it has lead me to where I am now Amber's Stamp of Approval Marco Polo App Google in the Classroom blog post  Gerry Brooks , Matt Miller from Ditch that Textbook , Kim Strobel from Strobel Education 3 Ways Teacher Heroes Prevent Their Own Burnout blog post podcasts- Angela Watson of Truth for Teachers, Always A Lesson's Empowering Educators Podcast, Jennifer Gonzalez of Cult of Pedagogy, Matt Miller & Kasey Bell of Google Teacher Tribe Gretchen's Stamp of Approval Voxer App The Do's & Don'ts of Using the Voxer App blog post Twitter Chat How-To blog post and webinar Twitter Chat Schedule How Burn Out Saved My Educator Spirit (Always A Burned-In Teacher Mini Series) blog post Connect with Amber Instagram @burnedinteacher Facebook Page  @burnedinteacher Twitter  @burnedinteacher LinkedIn  @burnedinteacher YouTube Burned-In Teacher Facebook Group The Burned-In Teacher Small Group Coaching Program Google University (register here) Connect with Gretchen Email: gretchen@alwaysalesson.com Blog: Always A Lesson Facebook: Always A Lesson Twitter: @gschultek Instagram: Always.A.Lesson Linkedin: Gretchen Schultek Bridgers Google+: Gretchen Schultek Bridgers Book: Elementary EDUC 101: What They Didn't Teach You in College Leave a Rating and Review: https://apple.co/2a7MyX4 Why? This helps my show remain active in order to continue to help other educators remain empowered in a career that has a long lasting effect on our future. How? Search for my show in iTunes or Stitcher. Click on ‘Ratings and Reviews.’ Under ‘Customer Reviews,’ click on “Write a Review.” Sign in with your iTunes or Stitcher log-in info Leave a Rating: Tap the greyed out stars (5 being the best) Leave a Review: Type in a Title and Description of your thoughts on my podcast Click ‘Send’

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