10 Easy Ways to Use Tech in Your Classroom - HoET123

Many teaching methods and resources that use technology effectively engage students and build their skills, but many of us hit roadblocks when actually using technology in the classroom.   Consider the 10 ways discussed in this episode to easily add technology to your classroom today!   Support for this episode comes from: Complete show notes   ** SEGMENTS **
  • (1:39) Intro
  • (5:21) House of #EdTech Thought - Guts and Heart
  • (9:33) House of #EdTech Recommendation - Link Expander
  • (11:29) Featured Content - 10 Easy Ways to Use Tech in Your Classroom
  • (25:30) House of #EdTech VIP - Ron Nober

from House of #EdTech http://traffic.libsyn.com/houseofedtech/HouseofEdTech123.mp3

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