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Pam Hubler is an Instructional Coach in Charleston, South Carolina with 22 years in education. Pam is passionate about professional development, technology integration, literacy, and building a strong culture in schools.

As a Google Certified Trainer, Pam supports teachers by providing frequent professional development on how to integrate GSuite tools into their daily routines no matter what they teach. She also guides discussions during PLC’s to help teachers find dynamic ways to provide instruction and develop engaging literacy activities.

Pam also loves to create resources to share with educators through her website, Twitter, as community manager of the Shake Up Learning Facebook Group and other social media platforms. She has presented at FETC, the EdTechTeam Low Country Summit, and EdCamps.

Pam is a lifelong learner who loves to read professional development books, especially books from Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. and listens to Podcasts like the Google Teacher Tribe to keep up with educational technology and pedagogy. She strives to be PIRATE leader to support educators so we can keep great teachers in the profession.

Google Certifications: Google Certified Educator Level 1, Google Certified Educator Level 2, Google Certified Trainer

Google “Spark”: I've always found technology integration interesting, especially when online creativity tools became possible. I don't even remember how or when I started using Google, but once I switched, that was it! I think being introduced Google Forms and realizing how Google Drive worked on all devices is when I realized just how productive Google tools can help educators become.  The longer I use it, the harder it is to use other tools, especially paid tools, for my day to day productivity and resource creation.

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Resources Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag

Linda Hummer (Ohio) - Thank you for all you do! I love listening to the podcast and trying out the ideas you share! I have an app smash- use the new cc feature in slides along with screencastify. Students that are shy or not comfortable talking in front of the class could record themselves ahead of time and then have it played during class or the teacher can view when they have time. This will also help the teacher when they are accessing the project. There are times when you are grading while students are presenting that you miss things. Having the video to replay showing what they said would be extremely helpful! Thanks!

Joel (via SpeakPipe) - G Suite admin for a small school, students using Google Classroom stream during class that was neither constructive nor appropriate, easy for students to navigate to other sites … way to monitor without micromanaging?

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