GSuite Templates for Your Classroom - GTT063

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G Suite Templates

  • How to brainstorm template ideas
    • Focus on learning goals
    • Choosing the appropriate tool(s)
  • How to Create Templates
    • Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings
    • Wishlist: Google Sites
  • Matt’s four reasons he suggests Google Slides for templates:
    • You can set a fixed background
    • It’s great for class collaboration
    • You have TONS of design flexibility
    • You can create master slides for different activities
  • Kasey’s Google Slides Master Class
  • How to Share Templates
Resources Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag

Alan Appleby - I listened to episode 59 about google photos, and tried to put an animation into a slideshow. We'll have kids working on change concept soon, as well as building things. Both of these give us some scope for using the animations as you described.

But, while I can embed an animation into slides, it does not 'animate' in present mode or when published to the web. Can you tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or if we just have to leave the present mode to see animations like this?

Matt Dill & Stacy Larsen - How do I prevent students from searching on other tabs in their browser for their answers, while taking a quiz on a Google Form on another?

Neil Gibbs - Is there a way of having some pages set up to be portrait and some set up to be landscape? I have an E-Book that my students are working on through Google Classroom, the Google docs, I have set up, just seems to allow the document to be either portrait or landscape and not a combination. This is really frustrating as there are tables that work well in Landscape and questions and diagrams which are suited to portrait.

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