Number 5 ALIVE! - PC005

It’s Partial Credit Episode 5! This week we talk about our favorite book-to-movie adaptations. Spoiler alert: The book was better. We also talk Maker Faire, Fortnite, and find out about one man’s quest to do something you wouldn’t believe was possible. And no, it’s not Donnie’s attempt to defect to Ravenclaw.

What’s new this week:

Donnie - kids chasing him around the house taking away points from Slytherin because they think it’s funny.

Jesse - Maker Faire ( - Coke & Mentos and Hand of Man) The Hand Of Man is an interactive sculpture like no other. It is comprised of a 26-foot long hydraulically-actuated human hand which is capable of picking up and crushing cars, and a “glove” device that controls it.

Jeff - Preparing to lead a custom summit for Pleasanton Unified School District (theme of Equity) Binge-Watching Season 2 of This is Us

Segment 1

Best Book Adaptations

Jesse - Obviously Harry Potter

Jeff - Great Gatsby

Donnie - LOTR

Segment 2

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Read No Evil

Jeff - Malcolm Gladwell: Revisionist History

Donnie - Why City Flags Maybe the Worst Designed Thing You’ve Never Noticed

Jesse - 

Segment 3

“Donnie Shows Us Something Useless He Found Online”

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