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  1. Amber Harper (Indiana) -- excited we’re back for another season … edtech consultant and trainer -- teachers feel frustrated and left behind because of how fast Google changes … created a google site called G Suite 123, a curation of online resources like YouTube videos and blogs, etc that helps teachers to know not just how to begin to use tools but how to use in classroom … incorporated our podcast into the tools … hope this is useful to your listeners … -- hover over BIT edtech and click on G Suite 123
  2. Marsha Ratzel (Kansas) -- loves the podcast, follow intently! … used arts and culture link for space for sixth-grade science classes … her question: they use Chromebooks, love things like Expeditions but don’t have access to virtual reality goggles … anyways to do virtual reality trips in 360 view to learn about geography? Would be NGSS standards for middle school.
  1. Kimberly Bender (Pennsylvania) -- loves the show, listens when she walks her dog, Google Photos: started making albums, thought about how could put together something at end of the year
  2. Linda Mackay -- I’m such a fan of your show! I have one quick question that maybe you can help with: my students are telling me that their Google Classroom reminders are coming to them after midnight. Is there somewhere I can adjust this?
  3. Chris Powers, Madison Wisc. -- In slides, is there a way to animate an object to follow a lined pathway? I'm a music teacher and want to animate an object like a bird, butterfly, bee, or kite, etc to show a voice pathway. I'd like it to go up and down (diagonally to show time and pitch) and even a loop if possible but I am not sure how to make an object follow a path. I figured the GTT and the swiss army knife of Google should be able to do this, right? Thanks!
  4. Elisabeth Schaap (The Netherlands) -- Just started using team-drive with my colleague who teaches in a parallel class. We share files that we want to give to our students using Classroom. But, we found out that we can not share files through Classroom straight from our team-drive. Firs,t we have to make a copy and place it in our own drive and from there we can share it using Classroom. Do you know why? Is there a logical reason? Any idea if Google will change this in the future? -- 
  5. Abbey Thomas (Alabama) -- Google Slides, trying to embed a video that’s not a YT video … is there a way to do that? Add-on, extension?
  1. Bruce Reicher (New Jersey) - Matt and Kasey -- I have a unique way I use Google Slides. Our school does a live tv show every morning. I have one slide deck that is the script and another slide deck for graphics and videos we play on the show. It's awesome to be able to share the script with students so they can practice before they come on the show. It also make life easier for me because I can update the script every day. In the past, I created Powerpoint slides and printed them every morning. Over the past 10 years, my students have produced over 1,000 live shows. That was a lot of paper printed for the script in the past. We now have a 1:1 with Chromebooks and no more printing :)

Love the show and keep up the great work - Bruce Here's the script - and Here is the graphic and video and credit run down -

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