Building Powerful Personal Brand

Ben Baker has always been passionate about story telling. Whether it was in sales in his early career or over the last 20 years as a marketer, Ben’s goal has always been to tell a story that is relevant, valuable and engages his audience.

It is about letting people understand the values and vision of the companies that I work with.   If people, whether they be staff, customers or potential customers do not understand who you are, what you do and why you do it. . . why should they care? My job is to create the conversation that allows them to care.

Ben has been the owner and chief storyteller at Your Brand Marketing for the last decade and can be found at www.yourbrandmarketing.com

Ben originally was my guest on Episode 126.


“What do people think about me when I’m not in the room?”

-Ben Baker

  Ben Baker Show Highlights:
  • Your personal brand is part past, present, and future
  • How a powerful personal brand can inspire confidence
  • The powerful personal brand can help kids be better
  • The top three people Ben admires and why (ask this question too to build a powerful personal brand)
  • How Ben would approach social media as a school leader
  • Tips for using video in innovative ways
  • A practical example of thinking through your personal brand
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