Be Legendary by Being Different

Christopher Lochhead is one of the pioneers of the “Authentic Dialogue” category of podcasts, a best-selling author and three-time Silicon Valley, public company CMO. He stands out for his unique point of view, sense of humor, hard-fought experience and whisky stained mind.

In Christopher’s new book, Niche Down: How to Become Legendary by Being Different, he and co-author Heather Clancy go deep, taking you on a fun, practical, example-packed look at what it takes to design and dominate your own niche. They blow up the idea that the path way to success is building a brand and instead teach you how to “Niche Down” and become known for a niche that you own.

Listeners love Legends & Losers because it is not your typical formulaic “interview show.”

Instead it’s one of the few real, raw, authentic dialogue shows.

From Elon Musk’s first investor Nancy Pfund, NBA legend Bill Walton, New York Times best- selling author Sebastian Junger, the cofounders of John’s Crazy Socks, 4-Star General Stanley McChrystal to convicted murderer-turned motivational speaker Will Little, Christopher has remarkable conversations with hundreds of legendary thinkers from Silicon Valley and beyond.

Christopher says Niche Down is for someone wanting a legendary career, and for “small-e- entrepreneurs” looking to make a mark on the world. It’s the first book on category design for smaller businesses and individuals.

  Christopher Lochhead Show Highlights:
  • The power of authentic conversations and how to have more of them
  • Curious perspective vs win - lose
  • Foreground vs Background Conversations
  • What’s the purpose of you having the conversation you’re having right now?
  • The story of writing Niche Down
  • If you study Pablo Picasso, you can learn how to niche down
  • The exact question(s) to ask in order to become a category king
  • Better doesn’t mean you are different
  • Fall in love with the problem not the solution
  • What problem are we really solving in schools?

“Follow your different”

-Christopher Lochhead

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“It’s what makes us different that makes us difference”

-Christopher Lochhead

Christopher Lochhead Contact Info

“Conversations are not about me getting you to agree with my predetermined point-of-view”

-Christopher Lochhead

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