A Fresh Look at Phonics: Interview with Wiley Blevins, Ph.D


In this week's podcast we talk phonics instruction with Wiley Blevins! Dr. Wiley Blevins is a world-renowned expert on early reading, and author of the seminal book Phonics From A to Z and A Fresh Look At Phonics, among many other works. He has taught in both United States and South America, and he regularly trains teachers throughout Asia. He holds a doctorate in education from Harvard University and has worked with numberous educational scholars, including Jeanne Chall, Isabel Beck, Marilyn Adams, Louisa Moats, Dianne August, and others.

In this weeks episode, Dr. Blevins will join us to talk about his book A Fresh Look At Phonics. I just finished reading this book and it's made a huge difference to my understanding and teaching of Phonics this year. One of my favorite parts of Blevin's book is how it breaks down the components of phonics in a way that demonstrates the systematic order we should be teaching in. With his permission, I've posted a few of my favorite tables from the book. First, a table of alphabet letters in order of utility, and then a table of the most frequent spellings of English sounds. I've also shown an example of one of Blevin's blending lines from his book. I loved the way that he builds differentiation into his blending lines, as well as review and repetition.

IMG_0124.JPG IMG_0125.JPG IMG_0126.JPG

I highly suggest that you get yourself a copy of Blevin's book to help guide your instruction this year. I'm so happy that I've read it!

One thing that I am changing in my instruction this year, based on my reading, is building in more opportunities for my students to practice the skills  they are learning. To that end, I've created decodable sight word sets based on the most common sight words and the Wonders sight word/letter sound progression. I will use these this year to make sure my students get the independant practice they need.

Sight Word Kindergarten Readers First 12 Common Sight Words Sight Word Kindergarten Readers First 12 Common Sight Words 5.00 Add To Cart Sight Word Kindergarten Readers for Wonders Units 1-5 Sight Word Kindergarten Readers for Wonders Units 1-5 4.00 Add To Cart

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