Using machine learning to superpower teachers

TeachFX uses machine learning to superpower teachers’ work by providing them with automated feedback on the discussions that are happening in their classrooms.   TeachFX was founded by Jamie Poskin, a former English and math teacher, tech entrepreneur, experimental theater director, and a recent graduate of Stanford’s MBA and MA in Education programs.    Jamie Poskin Show Highlights
  • The origin story of TeachFX
  • Jamie was never observed (EVER) in a classroom
  • How TeachFX provides automated feedback on the discussions happening in classrooms
  • People drive products; people should drive schools too
  • Maybe you should apply “Experimental theater” to school leadership
  • How TeachFX helps teachers reflect 
  • "Being Men and Women for Others” type of leadership
  • How do you facilitate learning as a leader?
  • What Jamie has learned from bad hires
  • Use micro-projects to hire staff
  • Design questions that don’t have right answers
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