Creating a Supportive Environment for Students and Staff

Over the past 35 years I have been a teacher, teacher educator, program designer, educational administrator, educational consultant, and psychotherapist. I currently combine my skills as an educator and psychotherapist to offer teachers and administrators support in making sense of the emotional and relational data that floods their classrooms. I have written a book about this work called The Feeling of Teaching: Using Emotions and Relationships to Transform the Classroom. I am in the process of figuring out how to make this kind of support -- direct, experiential support that helps teachers develop their Social-Emotional Competence -- a norm in the field of education.   Betsy Burris Show Highlights
  • How people work together to make change happen
  • Rethinking behavior, emotions, and interpretations as data
  • Betsy’s teacher support groups 
  • Are you doing damage or supporting?
  • The “why” behind her work supporting teachers
  • A “holding” environment and why you need it in your school
  • Teachers deserve supervision (but that’s not the definition you think)
  • How support groups eliminate blind spots
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