Reflecting at the End of the Day - 189


When you finish your day of teaching do you take time to reflect on what happened? Do you take time to say this worked and this didn't and I think I will try this next time?

You should.

Yes, I know we all have so much stuff to get done plus we sponsor activities and have families...I know.

But this doesn't take hours.

Find about 30 minutes...get your daily and unit plans. Find a quiet place and think about what you were trying to do for the day and where you are trying to go and ask yourself some write it down.

Here are my thoughts about reflecting at the end of the day:

1. Get a journal.

2. Set aside time.

3. Grab your daily and unit lesson plans.

4. Find a quiet place.

5. Reflect on the day:

Ask yourself these questions...

-What were you trying to do?

-What worked?

-What failed?

-What could you have done differently?

-What will you do next?

-What individual challenges did you have?

-Were there specific group challenges?

6. Put in writing what you will try to address these challenges.


Happy reflecting!


Length - 17:08

from Teaching Learning Leading K-12

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