Journey to the Y in YOU with Dene Gainey

Episode 19 In this episode, I talk to educator and soon-to-be-author Dene Gainey about his upcoming book, “Journey to the Y in YOU.” The book is about finding your Y (“why”). Dene also discussed his exciting opportunity to take part in the Tanzania Teaching Fellowship and how he balances being a teacher, doctoral student, writer, connected educator, and all of the many things he is involved in. For more information about this episode or to catch up on past episodes of the Leader Of Learning podcast, visit leaderoflearning.com. To connect with Dene: Twitter - https://twitter.com/dene_gainey Website/Blog: denegainey.com For more information about Edumatch, visit edumatch.org To find out about Edumatch Publishing, visit edumatch.org/books To connect with the host, Dan Kreiness: Twitter - https://twitter.com/dkreiness Personal Instagram - https://ift.tt/2umq2G4 Podcast Instagram - https://ift.tt/2ITntPg Facebook Profile - https://ift.tt/2ujGTtd Facebook Page - https://ift.tt/2ITnv9Q Email - dan@leaderoflearning.com

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