Flexible Seating: Interview with Patti Clark of Lakeshore Learning Materials

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On today's podcast we are so lucky to be able to hear from Patti Clark, the Vice President of Product Development at Lakeshore Learning Materials! Patti's team has been hard at work researching how they can support teachers who want to use flexible seating in the classroom!

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Patti began her career at Lakeshore as a Product Developer in 2000. As a former elementary educator with ten years of hands-on classroom experience, Patti’s passion for helping children learn was second to none. In 2007, she took on the role of Elementary Product Development Manager, overseeing the creation of hundreds of innovative products for school-age children. In 2010, Patti became Director of Research and Development, followed by a well-earned promotion to Vice President of Product Development in 2015. In both of these pivotal roles, Patti has led the company’s efforts to create top-quality, standards-based materials for early childhood programs, elementary classrooms and homes nationwide. Wholehearted in her dedication to meeting the needs of an ever-changing educational environment, Patti and her team visit regularly with teachers around the country to discuss their real-world classroom needs—educator to educator. Patti’s active involvement with professional groups such as NCTM, NAEYC, IRA and ASCD is further testament to her ongoing commitment to the education community.

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