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One the ways we love to take control of our learning is by attending un-conferences. Our favorite format is the classic EdCamp model. Here are 10 tips for making sure your event is successful.

  1. Build a Strong Team
    1. Broaden you planning committee so it helps in getting the word out about the event to more than just a couple of buildings/districts.
    2. District planning team
  2. Location, Location, Location
    1. Open WiFi to devices not in the domain, that it will allow for social media connection and YouTube.
    2. Arrange the rooms how you want them (in circles, etc)
    3. School district planning team
    4. Parking
    5. Easy to get to
  3. Promotion
    1. Twitter
    2. Instagram
    3. Website
    4. Flyers – snail mail Superintendents/C&I
    5. Business cards – Thank you, Robert Meringolo
    6. Email registrants
  4. Time
    1. Consider weather
    2. Remain consistent with your date year after year
    3. Edcamp after hours
  5. Focus on Learning
    1. MOST IMPORTANT! Thank you, Rachel Murat
  6. What About the Children?
    1. Get kids involved!! Whether it be for a student panel, to showcase their work, culinary students, bring your own kids!
  7. Transition Time
    1. Don’t be afraid to make your transition time a little longer than you think you need. Those free moments sometimes tend to be the most valuable for teachers. And those discussions may help decide later session ideas. We typically do 10-15 transitions so we have PLENTY of time.
    2. Build in a half-time or lunch
  8. Attendance
    1. Expect about 60% of registered people to actually attend
  9. Sponsors/Giveaways
    1. Start the way you plan to continue…don’t start out too big
    2. Checkout: IPevo, Kahoot!, Flipgrid, Kahoot!, The Edu Cal
  10. Work with the Edcamp Foundation
    1. EdCamp in a Box

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