Tommy Welch: Schools & Leadership - 183

Dr. Tommy Welch is the 2016 Georgia Principal of the Year and in 2017 was a finalist for National Principal of the Year.

Tommy has amazing ideas and has been successful changing the culture of his school.

You will hear us talk about Peter F. Drucker and his book Managing Knowledge Means Managing Oneself as well as what can be learned from Demming and others.

Dr. Welch explains what he has gleaned from becoming connected with businesses locally and nationally. He shares his thoughts about why a school leader needs to reach out and develop lines of communication with businesses. He also outlines how a leader can learn to talk with business leaders.

Additionally, we discuss what it takes to change a school culture especially his thoughts about getting the staff members to be vested in change.

There is so much to learn from Tommy.

Thanks for listening.

I guarantee that he will get you thinking.... 

Contact Tommy: @principalwelch on Twitter.

Other resources that Tommy mentioned:

Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol

Manny Scott on YouTube

Peter Drucker Managing Knowledge Means Managing Oneself

Length - 51:04

from Teaching Learning Leading K-12

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