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  • Steven Dutcher asked, "How do I allow users to first preview a doc before forcing them to make a copy? I'm sure someone mentioned it, but I didn't get to try it out before it slipped my mind. And I can't find it! I'm guessing we're changing the "edit" in the URL to "something/something"? I tried "preview/copy" with no joy. I hope I'm not just confused with the creating templates episode. Help!"
  • Clarissa Bezzera, via SpeakPipe
  • Steve Dudeck, via SpeakPipe
  • Melissa Rivera (Long Island, NY) asked, "Is there a way to annotate Slides when in presentation mode? In PowerPoint, you can hover at the bottom right of the screen and select the pen tool. Slides only has a pointer tool. When my students create presentations they often have missing information that they want their classmates to supply during the lesson. I’ve been converting their Slides into PowerPoint to do this, which offsets the formatting of some slides. Do you have any other suggestions?"
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