Parents and Community Members: Involve Them - 181


Today, I'm talking about 4 thoughts or misconceptions about involving parents or community members in schools and then I shift to my 3 ways that parents and community members can be helpful in our schools.

This is a lead in to my next episode where I'm talking with a parent who has been very helpful in helping school administration in working with the students and the community. 

4 Thoughts or Misconceptions about involving parents or community members in schools:

1. Hidden agendas

2. Only want to write a check (Not really interested in helping.)

3. School leader doesn't want outside input (loss of control)

4. Need direction/Guidance (A how to guide.)


3 ways parents or community members can be of assistance:

1. Ideas for solving problems

2. Connections in the community

3. Help with addressing major challenges


Parents and community members can help. Involve them.

Length- 13:36

from Teaching Learning Leading K-12

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