It`s Common Sense with Heather Staker Transformative Principal 210

Heather Staker is a former Mckenzie Consultant and coauthor of the book Blended Learning: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools.

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  • Senior in High School as a state school board member
  • Reasonable and balanced voice that represents the whole.
  • Interested and well-versed in innovation
  • Clayton Christensen Center for Disruptive Innovation
  • It’s not just efficiency, it’s common sense to give kids information at their pace.
  • Agency is so important.
  • Disrupting Class
  • Actin Academy program for core skills.
  • 7 types of blended learning
  • What challenges do we still face?
  • Schools lead with 1:1 announcements.
  • How to address 1:1 issues?
  • Lead with a very clear plan for how they use online learning.
  • District and vendor level must prevent teachers from having to be the tech wizard.
  • Help teachers to reimagine their role.
  • Factory model settings do not give teachers the opportunity to do increase the humanity that can be in our schools.
  • Mentors and tutors for each child.
  • Not getting to deep work?
  • Station rotations can prevent this. Not every blended learning model is perfect.
  • How to create higher performing classrooms in 7 moves.
  • Younger ages, recommended 20 minutes max per day on screens.
  • “Certain children“ aren’t capable, but every child can learn
  • It’s the adults. We get in our own way.

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