Episode 89: Principal in Boots, Lindsy Stumpenhorst

In this episode, we chat with Lindsy Stumpenhorst, elementary principal in Illinois, also known as

“Principal in Boots.” Lindsy shares all about leading an amazing staff, living in the country, balance,

using social media, and her one word for 2018: Awe. Have you heard of Instagram? Spike and Lindsy

both work hard to convince Jessica to revitalize her Instagram account and connect where the action is.

Something interesting about Lindsy is her family was in Josh Turner’s music video for his song, Find

Me a Baby! Check it out here: Josh Turner (about 30 seconds in). Not only does Lindsy have horses, but

she also has dogs that size too (we got to see them while we're recording, so couldn't help but ask for

photo evidence to share!

Spike discussed his use of the SAMs Time Tracker System for Principals. He is going to their National Conference in a few weeks. For more information, the SAMs Time Tracker System, check out their website.

Lindsy is currently reading:  Love Languages of Children and Wild Card: 7 Steps to an Educator’s Creative Breakthrough  

She also recommended the app Pocket, a handy app that lets you save tweets, posts, articles to return to later.

We hope you enjoy listening to Lindsy as much as we did. You can connect with her at:




Principal_in_boots on instagram

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