Curating Knowledge with Jerry Snow Transformative Principal 204

Jerry Snow is a District Administrator and former high school and middle school principal. piedmont.k12.al.us contact information is there. jsnow@piedmont.k12.al.us

  • Part of a 1:1 initiative over 9 years ago.
  • Many awards and recognitions.
  • Trying to show kids that even though they are a small system, they can still do great things.
  • NGLC planning grant
  • Mastery based learning.
  • Sometimes in a class you can only go as fast as your lowest student.
  • Worked with Education Elements.
  • “Embolden Piedmont”
  • NWEA MAP into digital platforms to create ILPs (individual learning plans).
  • Fill in gaps to build on those skills, rather than adapt around them.
  • You’re curating the knowledge rather than giving the students everything.
  • The myth of average - there is no average. If you’re teaching to the average, you’re teaching to nobody.
  • Where a teacher will fall back into the old groove.
  • You need to be honest and up front with them.
  • We modify every year.
  • Can’t go in with an iron fist.
  • We want to make things better for the kids.
  • Troubleshoot to help them do better.
  • It’s a lot of pride, even though it is harder and more tiring.
  • Making sure the information is a high enough DOK level.
  • Harder for everyone, teachers and students alike.
  • Took stuff from everyone and make it our own.

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