Reflections on Jim’s Comments about his Military Service in WWII - 171

Last week you heard Jim talk about the importance of education in his life. This week Jim talks about his experience in the Navy and his role in World War II.

Remember that Jim is a primary source. He is recalling his experience.

How could you use his thoughts and comments about his service time to draw kids into wanting to more about those times?

Think about the journey that he went on from south Georgia to finally join the war. How could you make this into an activity that would hook the kids and make them want to know more?

There were many words and phrases that you would need to explain like "being drafted" or "shopkeeper" or "mutton" or "PT-Boat".

What about him eventually achieving a degree in economics from Princeton University? 

Think about his comments related to the ending of the war with Germany and its allies and then the surrender of Japan. What did he think?

Hope that this episode gave you great information for creating an awesome classroom experience.

Thanks for listening.

Next week is part 4 of this 4 part series with Mr. Jim Spradley.

Take care.


Length - 12:25

from Teaching Learning Leading K-12

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