Deep Thinking with GSuite - GTT029

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Annotate images (Washington crossing the Delaware) Part of Matt’s Google Genius presentation at

Create with constraints (Kasey’s magnetic poetry)

Explain their thinking (Matt’s moveable activity post)

Non-Googleable answers

Creative Projects that Can’t Be Duplicated or Plagiarized

Student Choice


Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag
  • Kaelyn Bullock (Seattle, Washington) - New Google Sites not showing up … mostly tablets, also on some MacBooks (via SpeakPipe)
  • Jennifer Liebhaber (Scottsdale, Arizona) - I really appreciate all the little tips and tricks I get each time I listen. I am writing because I am trying to find out the best way to do a "mail merge" in a Google Doc when the data I need is in Google Sheets.
  • Denise Wolfe (Nebraska) - Just wanted to take a moment and THANK YOU for your podcast!
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