Core Values Help Us Say No with Dr. Drew Williams Transformative Principal 199

Dr. Drew Williams started teaching in Las Vegas and ended up as the principal of Tuacahn High School in Southern Utah, where he shares a facility with Tuacahn Center for the ArtsCreativity, Inc.

  • A work or a text to land on so that it wasn’t personal.
  • Lots of work to come up with core values of Collaborative Design, candid feedback, original work.
  • Grading policies, attendance policies.
  • Changes need to be based on evidence.
  • Core values help us say no.
  • Radical candor.
  • Challenges in creating core values.
  • Comfort in being comfortable.
  • Disrupted status quo.
  • Conversations that require a keen intellect to navigate.
  • Awoke in our faculty a feeling of learning.
  • Why Tuacahn? It’s through the uncertainty that you can drive to the question of why.
  • Dropping a class because it doesn’t align to our core values.
  • How to be a transformative Principal? Never stop learning. Go out of your box and seek learning.


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