Closing Thoughts About Primary Sources and Jim Spradley’s Interview

In this episode I draw to a close the series that began with Episode 165 concerning Primary and Secondary sources of information. I share three reasons why primary sources are important in the classroom, I explain three ways to use primary sources in the classroom, and I share my thoughts about lessons gleaned from Jim Spradley's comments over episodes 166, 168, 170, & 172.


3 Reasons Primary Sources Are Important In The Classroom

1. First Hand Knowledge

2. Paint Pictures

3. Make the Listener Want to Know More


3 Ways to Use Primary Sources in the Classroom

1. Use as a Hook

2. Stepping Stones to Better Understanding

3. Discussion About Bias 


10 Lessons From Jim

1. Sharecropping

2. Where did he grow up and where did he go?

3. Education

4. Importance of reading.

5. Did you spot his sense of humor?


7. "If you are going to make money you have to work for yourself."

8. Determination

9. Borrowing Money

10. Business Success

At the conclusion I challenge the listener to start using primary sources in the coming weeks.

Thanks for listening. Please share and don't forget to use primary sources of information.

Length - 18:02

from Teaching Learning Leading K-12

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