A Google Assistant in the Classroom - GTT031

Google News and Updates
  • The Take a snapshot feature is back, sort of. Check out Alice’s Webcam Snapshot
  • Images get drop shadow and reflection in Slides and Drawings
  • Issues with new insert menu
    • Lost webcam
    • Lost clip art - use explore
  • New Google Maps coming
Featured Content What does AI/voice assistant do now? What is machine learning?
  • Gathers lots of data, lots of queries, into a huge data set
  • Makes predictions based on that data
  • The more data it gets, the smarter it is
  1. Google Assistant: answers your questions via text or voice, gives you briefings with data you request (weather, time, calendar, news, etc.). Adds things to your Google Keep, calendar, etc. Plays games and asks you trivia questions.
  2. Teachable Machine: Explore how machine learning works. Teach a machine using your camera – live in the browser, no coding required. It learns by training and running neural nets right in the browser. Teach students about machine learning. 
  3. Quick, Draw!: Uses machine learning to learn what you’re drawing.
  4. Autodraw: Draw a picture and Autodraw converts it into clipart created by artists. 
  5. Mystery Animal: A Voice Experiment, it chooses an animal and plays 20 questions for you to guess what it is. 
  6. Story Speaker: Create a choose your own adventure-style story in Google Docs. It’s like you’re coding/creating an AI game run by Google Assistant. 
  7. Quill Connect: Uses machine learning to help students combine sentences. Aligned with curriculum standards for second through seventh grades.
How can AI/voice assistant help us right now?
  • Answering questions
    • what is the weather for tomorrow?
    • what is the capital of Alaska?
    • what is 37 times 414?
    • tell me a riddle.
    • Tell me something interesting.
    • set a ten-minute timer.
  • Adding to notes for later
  • Keeping us from doing repetitive stuff
What’s the future of AI/voice assistant in the classroom?
  • Setting expectations in the classroom
  • Let them play and understand what it is capable of but set meaningful expectations on how it will be used for learning, not just telling jokes.
  • Rotate the use a job/role for the class - AI Leader of the Day.
Resources Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag

Thanks for the Apple Podcasts Reviews! Julie Cobb (E2Cobb) - Matt and Kasey make my Monday morning commute great! I learn something every week that I can immediately share with the teachers I support. Caution: Don’t listen at the gym if you are prone to shouting “amen” or “wow” when the knowledge bombs start dropping!

Trying a tech solution to cold and flu season and s absences. Keeping a slide deck of days and makeup work info in google classroom. #gttribe http://pic.twitter.com/8SOXk2PD4o

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