Why YOU Should Podcast - HoET096

At long last, I am finally talking about How to Podcast! This is part one of a three-part series where provide my insight on how to start podcasting. However, as Simon Sinek points out, we need to start with why.   Support for this episode comes from:   My Awesome Supporters! Become a Patron today!   Complete show notes http://chrisnesi.com/96   ** SEGMENTS **  
  • (1:15) Intro
  • (7:12) House of #EdTech Thought - Making the Tough Choices
  • (23:48) House of #EdTech Recommendation - Podcasting NON-recommendations
  • (11:21) Featured Content - Why YOU Should Podcast
  • (26:35) House of #EdTech VIP - Ryan Mitchell
  ** FEEDBACK **

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