Engage Science Students by App Smashing with Joe Marquez - GTT024

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In a lighter week of news and updates the only things of note were additional colors to Google Keep Notes and revamped icons in the G Suite interface when using Docs, Sheets, etc

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Joe Marquez is a passionate educator who loves nothing more than to discover new ways to motivate and engage his 8th-grade science students.

His focus is not on ways educators teach their kids, but rather on new ways they can better reach their kids.

Technology has been the spark which has ignited his exploration into next-generation educational technology and pushed him into becoming a leader and technology coach for the Clovis Unified School District.

Joe provides insight on his TACO initiative, which is a STEM camp for students who want to teach STEM.

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  • Cara Wilmot (FL) shared a comment on episode 22 regarding captions on Youtube.
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