Job-Embedded PD with Connie Hamilton Transformtaive Principal 191

Part time curriculum director in a rural school district and part time consultant.

  • How to stay on top of so many content areas.
  • Framework for quality curriculum
  • Instructional priorities.
  • Looking at research and finding what’s current.
  • Best practices
  • Nearly all PD was sit and get.
  • Spiraling themes of professional development.
  • Able to provide effective supports
  • Gradual release of responsibility.
  • I do, we do, y’all do, you do.
  • Practice feedback reflection
  • That’s what we’ve always done.
  • Peer observation isn’t always received very well.
  • Timeline of job-embedded PD.
  • August 1/2 day with 60 teachers as a pilot on classroom questioning
  • Cohorts of 4-6 teachers in each cohort - meet for 1/2 day with that cohort. Host teacher presents lesson. Facilitator asks questions.
  • Review of data points that people collected after observing a lesson.
  • Scripting - What did the teacher say, what did the kids say?
  • Share data, review host teacher’s goals and visit a new one each month.
  • Don’t invite administrators to take part in the process
  • Walkthroughs at the end of the year. Leadership team looks for strengths and growths for that teacher.
  • Need to make sure your professional development is making it to the classroom.
  • Effective to have a coach position be able to support the group.
  • Give principals patterns in aggregated data.
  • Principals engage in final conversation in the year.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Be intentional about supporting teacher’s growth.

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