Not My Job, part 2 - 156

In episode 155, I introduced the idea that there are many aspects of our jobs as educators that we do not get paid to do. Instead, these details are expected. I talked about these three areas for example:

1. Connect with kids, parents, and the community.

2. Find your place in the organization.

3. Take time to grow personally and professionally.

Today, I am continuing the discussion about "Not My Job."

We are professionals who are expected to address things as they come up. Sometimes we may be operating way beyond what on an initial list of duties might appear as normal.

To be better at what we do as a professional we have to go beyond the norm.

As educators we are almost never finished with our work. There is always something that needs to be done.

Here are some things to think about...

1. When you discover something that needs to be addressed do you ignore it?

2. When you find down time do you seek out something that needs to be handled?

What do you think?

Thanks for listening.


Length: 16:57



from Teaching Learning Leading K-12

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