Building adult skills to support trauma-impacted youth with Teri Barila Transformative Principal 178

  • This makes it too easy for kids. We coddle them.
  • How did you learn resilience?
  • Did you have an adult to help shape you into something better?
  • Resilience - #1 strategy attachment to a caring adult.
  • Bruce Perry - National Leader on trauma.
  • Witnessed in their humanity
  • How do we create that caring, supportive environment that supports that student when we are in the school environment.
  • We can’t get hung up on the behavior.
  • The problem is when we alienate because of the behavior.
  • Understanding that any perception of loss of safety is potential for students to become disregulated.
  • Trauma is the perception of loss of safety and connection, not just the ACES.
  • Safety - not just physical safety. Moral safety and emotional safety - see more from Sandra Bloom
  • How to deal with the response, “This takes too much time.”
  • Calm room is not punishment.
  • Schools can’t do this alone.
  • “My Piece Matters”
  • Won’t kids take advantage of that? Teachers notice that.


  • Every child wants to do well.
  • Do we teach them through a punishment mode or regulatory mode.
  • Building adult skills to support trauma-impacted youth.
  • Emotional Hygiene
  • How to be a transformative principal? Dig into understanding of hardwired response system in the brain. Kids aren’t out to get you, they just don’t know how to manage themselves.
  • Self-Reg Stewart Shanker
  • By Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence
  • Starts with understanding that each of us can help create a safe environment.
  • Nurturance is reparative and restorative. 

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