5 PD Wishes for 2017-18 – PPD009

This is part two of our reflective and look-ahead series. We now turn our attention and conversation to the 2017-18 school year and what we anticipate learning in the coming school year.

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  1. Stacey is super jazzed about the Jim Knight visit her district will have in the early fall of 2017. All of the Teacher Resource Specialists (aka instructional coaches) will receive training to help create a common coaching model/framework.
  2. AJ is ready to take on an even larger leadership role in his school, offering more PD, sharing ideas, and inviting teachers in to #watchmeteach.
  3. Stacey also has plans to leverage her school’s Google Classroom to deliver more PD, help teachers set tech goals, and share content specific articles, information, and activities.
  4. AJ is on a mission to find and share relevant PD with his teachers. He will also be challenging his colleagues to co-present and attend conferences with him. Other PD opportunities AJ will be sharing include NJAMLE, CoffeeEDU, and EdCamp.
  5. Chris stopped us in our tracks with the notion that he’s not sure what he wants to learn/do in the 2017-18 school year…and that’s ok!!! It’s ok to NOT have a plan. Take the summer to focus on small PD, recharge, reflect–then set your goals for this coming school year as we get closer to Back to School. We all know it will be here sooner than we know it!

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AJ:  In preparation for summer personal PD, AJ is narrowing down his list of 10 books for 10 weeks of summer. The 10 books are centered around Student-Centered Learning, Project Based Learning, the Flipped Classroom, Leadership, Personal Growth and a better use of technology in his social studies classroom. Follow along on AJ’s journey on his blog and with #10bks10wks.

Chris:  Learned he could only be a physical education teacher at the elementary level after volunteering at his son’s field day/fun day.

Stacey:  Returned to her #OneWord…Balance and is finding a balance between listening to audio books and keeping up with the constant download of podcasts in Overcast.

Feedback and Shoutouts

Thanks, Tina Monteleone for all your support and kind words about episode 8.



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