Tell Me a Story with G Suite- GTT019

Google News and Updates (3:34)

From Google I/O:

  • Make calls with Google Assistant, type to talk to it, proactive notifications (will Google Home have a place in schools? Google Assistant?) -
  • Smart Reply to Gmail … previously in Inbox and Allo (do you use it?)
  • Expeditions AR: More virtual/augmented reality experiences for the classroom (Statue of David, strand of DNA, whirling Category 5 hurricane)

Featured Content (10:27)

Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag (24:40)

"I'm enjoying the podcast. In episode 5, a listener had a question about how to remove students from accessing certain files he shared with them. Y'all both offered great tips. I just wanted to offer a free solution at that scans your Drive, shows who has access to what files, and with one button push, you can revoke access to all files you've shared with that person. I use this for removing access to Google Drive files from departing employees." --Aaron Kinney

JP Prezzavento (MO) -- via SpeakPipe. Add short link in automatic substitution.

On The Blogs (31:28)

Upcoming Conferences (35:06)

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from Google Teacher Tribe Podcast

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