Google Slides Can Do What?!?!- GTT018

Google News and Updates (4:29)

Featured Content (8:05)

Google Slides is a core Google tool that is SO much more than just giving users the ability to create slideshows for presentations.

If you have tried any of these we want to hear from you! Leave a comment down below or send us a message!

Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag (24:48)

  • Kerrie Johnson (Ohio) asks:
    1. do you have a hack for getting around not being able to put a Google Sheet in landscape?
    2. I know it's possible to make a poster in the G Suite but I'm not exactly sure how. Do I use Drawing? Slides? Any tips?
  • Lisa Blevins-Salyer, Technology Integration Specialist (Johnson County Schools) shared this thought:
I was intrigued by the recent segment on Auto Draw. Thank you both for the podcast and the wealth of information packed into your show notes.  May the Googles continue to be with you.

On The Blogs (30:08)

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