147: 3 Ideas about Making Field Trips Successful



Field trips are important. There is nothing like experiencing something first hand or putting your hands on whatever the content is. Virtual trips are nice for those trips that would be too expensive, but nothing takes the place of being front and center in the content.

If you want to know what it is like in a swamp, you need to be there. If you want to get the feel for the power of the large engines that drive a naval battle ship you need to be in that engine room. If you want to feel the past you want to visit an historical or archaelogical site.

Field trips are important, but to make them work you have to plan the trip.

(Check out episodes 141 and 142 for more information about field trips.)



You have to be organized and plan the trip down to the smallest detail. Afterall, you are responsible for someone else’s children. 

Today’s episode is completely focused on making the trip a success by “sweating the small stuff.”

Here are my 3 Ideas for Making a Field Trip a Success

1. Be choosey.

2. Design the trip.

3. Keep track of the kids.

Field trips are awesome ways of engaging kids and creating better understanding, but you have to address challenges. 

Thanks for listening.

Happy field trip planning.


Check out episodes 141 and 142 for more information about field trips.

Length: 27:23

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