145: 3 Reasons Why Flea Markets, Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, and Estate Sales Are Your Best Friend


Have you figured out that to help you with the classroom you need to buy stuff that will help you? 

Don’t get me wrong the school often will have supplies that will help, but to really get a leg up on working with the kids you need to buy stuff.

Well, since this is the case the best places to get this stuff is where you will find it for cheaper than at department or retail stores.

You know what I am talking about right?

Oh, yea…

You need to make visiting flea markets. garage sales, yard sales, church sales, thrift stores, and estate sales a habit. They can be your best friend.



Here are my 3 Reasons Why Fleamarkets, Yard Sales, Thirft Stores, and Estate Sales Are Your Best Friend

1. Organizational Stuff

2. Teaching Stuff

3. Cool Stuff




So what are you waiting for? Start this weekend! Seek out those things that will help you work with your kids.

Time to uncover treasure.

Start this weekend!

Length: 24:52

from Teaching Learning Leading K-12 http://ift.tt/2qQCUz0

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