BONUS - My #DadsInEd Appearance from 2015

This is partially an experiment for the podcast. Please enjoy this appearance I made on this podcast and please subscribe and leave a rating and review for my friends at Dads in Ed.


We welcome the host of the House of Ed Tech podcast, Christopher Nesi, to the show! We discuss gift ideas for the kids, get Chris' take on the future of podcasting in education, and find out what show has made it into Chris' son's daily routine.

Christopher Nesi http://twitter.com/mrnesi http://www.chrisnesi.com
Water Cooler: http://ift.tt/1LK2RBo
App/Site: Edulastic http://ift.tt/1oK3RPp
Upcoming event: METC http://ift.tt/1Ml1u2i
District Spotlights:

from House of #EdTech http://ift.tt/2nCRoEl