139: Expanding Your Network



Did you listen to my last episode? What?

If you did not I hope that you will go back and check it out…follow this link 138. In that episode I spoke about the need to be a lifelong learner. Matter of fact, I had a list of 14 ways to follow this pledge- I am an educator. I am a lifelong learner. 

Today, I am focused on the 12th point on the list from episode 138 - Join Professional Organizations; Expand Your Network.

In this episode, I focus on what a network is, how it can help you, why you want to expand your network, and how to expand your network.





Whether you are an administrator or classroom teacher you need to create a network and work on expanding it.

You need to seek out a professional organization that suits you and get involved.

You get out of them what you put in…remember that. If you don’t get involved you really won’t get the most out of these organizations.

Start today.

Expand that network…

Thanks for listening!

Here are Some Links to Help You Connect with Professional Educator Organizations-



Social Studies


Principals/Administrators 6-12 (National)

Principals/Administrators 6-12 (Georgia)

Principals/Administrators 6-8 (Georgia)

Principals/Administrators K-5 (National)

Principals/Administrators K-5 (Georgia)

Georgia Curriculum and Instruction

Georgia Association of Educational Leaders

Superintendents/ Other Administrators (National)

Superintendents/ Other Administrators (Georgia)


Length: 13:42

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