137: Michael Miller-Tutoring, Test Prep, and Photography


Today, I’m talking with Michael Miller of Michael Miller Solutions. He is an entrepreneur, tutor, and photographer.

Michael and I go way back. I was an assistant principal at his high school. By the way, he never was in trouble just in case you were thinking that … nope, he was a focused student and swimmer.

Michael now is an academic tutor who helps kids understand math and standardized tests.

He almost was a college student forever and he wants to help kids not make the mistakes he made. 

You will hear about the number of years, number of universities and the missing of a point to where he was going. He has a mission and that is to help students not follow his path.


Michael, also has started selling photographs. Wait till you see his amazing photos. He has quite an eye and knack for capturing nature and the outdoors. Go to his Esty page and his Instagram account to check out his pictures. 


Michael says that he helps kids learn how to think not what to think. He focuses on thought processes not just getting answers.


Michael also has written a book on leadership that is in the process of being edited. The book includes his thoughts about everything he wished he knew or advice that he should have followed. Look for that coming out soon.

Michael also reflects on what it is like being in charge of his own business.

Thanks for listening. 


Get in touch with Michael and find out more information:

Michael Miller Solutions

Neshamah Photography

Mike the Mathman (Instagram)

Michael Miller (YouTube)

MiketheMathman (Twitter)


Length- 27:21

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